Dr. Mark Toulouse - Alumnus of the Year April 2018 from the University of Chicago Divinity School

Photo of Dr. Mark Toulouse by Romi Levine

Photo of Dr. Mark Toulouse by Romi Levine

“Upon recommendation from the Divinity School’s Alumni Council, the Board of Trustees of the Baptist Theological Union has named Mark G. Toulouse (PhD'84) the Divinity School Alumnus of the Year for 2018. 

Mark Toulouse is Principal of Emmanuel College and Professor of the History of Christianity at Emmanuel College and the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto. He joined the faculty of Emmanuel College, one of the three theological faculties associated with the Federated Universities in the University of Toronto, in 2009, after serving twenty-three years at Brite Divinity School of Texas Christian University as a historian of religion and culture. Eleven of those years were spent as Dean and Executive Vice-President. He began his work in theological education in 1984, when he joined the faculty of Phillips Theological Seminary in Enid, Oklahoma. 

Phyllis D. Airhart (MA'81; PhD'85), Professor of the History of Christianity at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, wrote in her nominating letter that "I can think of no other Divinity School alum more deserving of this award."

Dr. Toulouse is the author of numerous articles and books. His books include The Transformation of John Foster Dulles: From Prophet of Realism to Priest of Nationalism (1985); Joined in Discipleship: The Shaping of Contemporary Disciples Identity (1992 and 1997); Makers of Christian Theology in America (1997), Sources of Christian Theology in America (1999), Walter Scott: A Nineteenth-Century Evangelical (1999), and God in Public (2006). The Academy of Parish Clergy named God in Public one of the top ten books of the year. His most recent work (co-authored) is a religious analysis of North American popular culture, The Altars Where We Worship: The Religious Significance of Popular Culture (2016).”

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This is an incredible honor for Mark and his family. He has traveled a journey not covered by many in our class and served others along the way. We are so fortunate to have him back close in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and able to visit with him at the pop up lunches and in the future at the 2020 reunion.

Mark is on FB if you have not already found him there and if you want to reach him, use the contact form on this website and send us your contact info to pass on to him.