Todd R. Samusson (No Photos Available)


Cindy Savage (Franks)


Claudia Schieferstein

Schlichter Nancy Willis Dual.png

Nancy Schlichter (Willis)

Schwenn Marilyn Dual.png

Marilyn Schwenn


Lynda Scruggs


Mimi Self

Senn Perry Dual.png

Perry Senn


Richard Shelton

Sheppard Lisa Anderson Dual.png

Lisa Sheppard


Cheryl Sherman


Ellen Short (Deceased)

Short Lynn Dual.png

Lynn Short (Deceased)


Lynn Simmons

SImmons VIcki Dual.png

Vicki Simmons


Zelda Simmons

Simons Wyatt Dual.png

Wyatt Simons


David Sinclair

Sleeper Rick Dual.png

Rick Sleeper


Rick Slingerland (No Photos Available)

Smith Debbie Dual.png

Debbie Smith


Deena Smith


Gary Smith (No Photos Available)


Jean Smith


Jeanne L. Smith (No Photos Available)


Pat Smith

Smith Prissy Dual.png

Prissy Smith


Randy Smith


Don Snow


Alan Soper (No Photos Available)

Sorrels Barry Dual.png

Barry Sorrels


Gerald Spry (No Photos Available)

Stacks Todd Dual.png

Todd Stacks


Janet Stallings


Diane St. Claire


Sandra Stecher

Stephenson Sharon Dual.png

Sharon Stephenson


Vicki Stephenson


Larry Stotts


Eve Strasser (Deceased)


Cindy Strehorn (Deceased)


Dean Stuller

Sullivan Mike Dual.png

Mike Sullivan


Patti Sullivan


Monte Swanzy


Andrew Sweet


Barbara Sweet (No Photos Available)


Charles Sweet


Jan Swope


Janine Sydow

Tackett Christine Dual.png

Christine Tackett


Carolyn Tanck (Northcutt)

Tanner Bruce Dual.png

Bruce Tanner


Mike Tarnower (No Yearbook Photo Available)


Patti Tate

THomas Mike Dual.png

Mike Thomas


Jennifer Thompson (Miller)

Thompson Roy Dual.png

Roy Thompson


Andre Tillman (No Yearbook Photo Available)

Timberlake Marion Dual.png

Marion Timberlake

Tinner Beverly Dual.png

Beverly Tinner


Jeanene Tips (No Photos Available)


Mark Toulouse


Russ Townsend

Travers Toni Dual.png

Toni Travers

Travis Barbara Dual.png

Barbara Travis


Dwight Trees (No Photos Available)

Truitt Marie Dual.png

Marie Truitt

Tucker David Dual.png

David “Tuck” Tucker (Deceased)

Tumlinson Patti Collins Dual.png

Patti Tumlinson (Collins)


Beth Turkingham (No Photos Available)


Russell Turnage


Gena Turner


Suzanne Turner (No Photos Available)

Tyler Kathy Dual.png

Kathy Tyler

Ubben CIndy Causey Dual.png

Cindy Ubben (Causey)

Ulrich TIna Johnson Dual.png

Tina Ulrick


Jim Underwood (No Photos Available)

Vaden Cindy Dual.png

Cindy Vaden

Vanderburg Byron Dual.png

Byron Vanderburg


Dan Vanderslice

Vaughn Ken Dual.png

Ken Vaughn


Kay Vendrell

Viegas Osvaldo Dual.png

Osvaldo Viegas


Dan Vinet (Deceased)

Vogelpohl Peggy Orf Dual.png

Peggy Vogelpohl (Orf)

Wade Bobby Dual.png

Bobby Wade


Kent Wagner (No Photos Available)

Wainscott Sharman Dual.png

Sharmon Wainscott

Waiters Mike Dual.png

Mike Waiters

Waslin Carl Dual.png

Carl Waslin

Watson Janice Dual.png

Janice Watson


James Weaver (No Photos Available)

Weaver Rick Dual.png

Rick Weaver

Weinberger Bain Dual.png

Bain Weinberger


Patricia Westbrook (No Photos Available)

Weat Cerise Dual.png

Cerise Wheat


Otto Whitbeck (No Photos Available)

White Steve with Adrienne Jamieson Dual.png

Steve White (with Adrienne Jamieson)

Whitlow Ann Dual.png

Ann Whitlow


Pam Widener


Debbie Wiley (No Photos Available)

Wilkie LaRae Steadman Dual.png

LaRae Wilkie (Steadman)


Becky Willett (Harvey)

Williams Kay Dual.png

Kay Williams (Tapp)

Pictured with son, Charles


Paul Williams


Tom Williams (No Photos Available)

Willingham Jerry Dual.png

Jerry Willingham


Cheri Willis (No Photos Available)

Willis Glenda Knight Dual.png

Glenda Willis (Knight)


Marilyn Wilson (No Photos Available)

Wilson John Dual.png

John Wilson (Deceased)

Wilson Steve Dual.png

Steve Wilson

Winborn Ann McGaugh Dual.png

Anne Winborn (McGaugh(

Witter Debi Dual.png

Debi Witter


Whitney Wolf

Woodroof Nancy Dual.png

Nancy Woodroof

Wooten Marc Dual.png

Marc Wooten

Worrell Paul dual.png

Paul Worrell


Richard Worzer (Deceased)


Connie Wright


Phil Wright


Becky Wright

Yarborough Barbara Dual.jpg

Barbara Yarborough (Lown)


Linda Young


Zoe Ann Zelios