Flaghangers and football stadiums: 50 years of memories at Lake Highlands High by Carol Toler



Carol Toler spent her Saturday last week at El Fenix with our Pop Up Lunch. She was immersed into our Wildcat festivities and was able to see the connections and ties that have built and lasted over the last 55 plus years.

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Our class was mixture of the time and culture. We blended in 7th grade from three different elementary schools to have class for a year in a single hall of the current high school as it was being built. Our world began to bloom meeting new friends as we navigated our teen years. Our senior year at LHHS, Hamilton Park High School, which was accredited in 1965, merged into Lake Highlands High School. The 1968-1969 class was the last graduating class of the Hamilton Park High School. Imagine the mixed feelings of these senior students having to spend their senior year new at Lake Highlands High School. It was at this time we had new HPHS students throughout the high school and junior high.

Looking at the photo above, I see friends across the years. Some have already passed on and others have not been seen since we walked those halls of LHHS. With over 600 grads among us, on facebook we have only found about 120. Not everyone is on Facebook. We were thrilled to see Mike Owens last Saturday, a perfect example of someone NOT on facebook! Russell Townsend was there as well. Watch for a post after this which includes the fun from last Saturday and the announcements from Bob Iden and Robert Grinsfelder.

With the coming celebration of 50 years there will be festivities. Please keep up with our website as details are released.