Russell Townsend today... who said he could not ride a horse?

Russell Townsend.jpg

It was a life changing event. On January 4, 2015, Russell suffered a right sided iIschemic stroke. Three days later, on January 7th, they performed emergency brain surgery to save his life. Russell remained in a coma until almost a month later. He woke on February 4th. He was unable to stand, walk, or talk until he started rehab. Rehab lasted 3 years, and Russell now walks with a quad cane and braces on his left leg. He joined a brain injury support group in 2016 called BIND, Brain Injury Network of Dallas. They have been very helpful and supportive for Russell and his family. There is much more he can share if anyone else has this occur in their lives.

“With the help of my family and my faith it has made all of this possible.” Russell Townsend